Can I still claim ‘Pilates’ on my private health fund?
YES! Though it is no longer called Pilates. |
In April 2019 there was a nation Health Reform which removed most natural therapies (including Pilates) from private health insurance. As a result our Clinical Pilates sessions are now called ‘Exercise Rehabilitation’ sessions. This does not affect the content of your sessions and allows you to continue to claim them through your private health fund.

Does my health fund cover physiotherapy?
Most private health funds will offer a rebate for physiotherapy. Your cover-type will determine how much this rebate is. For more information, it is best to contact your private health insurance.
Common Codes for reference:
Initial consult: 500
Follow up physiotherapy and ongoing Exercise Rehab: 505
GLA:D and Osteoporosis group classes: 561

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?
Though a referral is not needed, sometimes a GP/specialist will refer you to see a physiotherapist. If this is the case please bring any documents/referrals to allow for easy communications and follow up.

If your GP has referred you for an EPC we require the paperwork before your appointment. This can be sent early, or brought in to your appointment on the same day.

How do I book in for Exercise Rehab:
Your initial appointment will be a 30-45minute full body and movement assessment. Your assessment will be directed by your individual needs and/or injuries.
After your initial assessment you will require (usually 2) individual sessions. These will be 30min and will allow your physio to look at technique, safety on equipment and ensure the exercises are right for you!
Once you’re ready for the semi-private sessions, you can chat to our lovely reception staff to find a spot that fits into your schedule! These are 1 hour sessions and have a max of 4 people in them.

What do I need to bring for an Exercise Rehabilitation session?
Gym gear (including a water bottle) is perfect, or anything comfortable that you can move freely in
We encourage grip socks for safety.
A towel and socks (or shoes if required for specific conditions) are used for hygiene purposes.

I am a DVA gold card holder. Can I see a physiotherapist?
Yes. You will require a current GP or specialist referral.